Ramon Dos Santos

In 2002, Ramon dos Santos accepted the professional challenge to head the first nationwide distribution of medications in the Republic of Angola, a country in south-central Africa. Establishing Neofarma, he developed a business plan to overcome the commercial, legal, and cultural challenges that included maintenance of sanitary conditions needed for the dissemination of medical supplies. Since its establishment, Neofarma has grown to include more than a dozen companies. A partner in Midras Partners for Business, Ramon dos Santos has pursued his entrepreneurial interests in investing in the health industry in Angola. A market leader headquartered in the capital city of Luanda, the company has generated jobs that have contributed to Angola’s economic and social development.

Active in numerous organizations that improve health conditions for the underserved in Angola, Ramon dos Santos supports Saude Chegou, a project designed to provide Luanda’s poor with medical and prescription assistance. He also helps Projeto Sorriso, an oral-health project established in 2009 in the small, central Angolan province of Huambo. Another project that receives attention from Ramon dos Santos promotes maternal and infant health for the country ranked among the worst in the world for infant mortality.

A Brazilian educated in Business Administration, he completed a degree in Advanced Pharmaceutical Management in Lisboa, Portugal. Ramon dos Santos first established himself in business working in commercial real estate sales. He later utilized his pharmaceutical training as National Sales Director for a pharmaceutical company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During this time, he helped standardize company products in hospitals across the country.